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Moving fast!!!

8 weeks!!! can you believe it??? It has been eight weeks since our little man came to join us in this world. Over the past weeks we have enjoyed him so much Lucky for us we have been blessed with a sleeper. He has been dong great at night and we are actually getting rest! I may be getting more sleep than Abbi though seeing how I have slept through a few crying spells and dirty midnight diapers. We have had Graham out and about several times and he does great everytime. so, just s quick update since it has been awhile since we posted anything.

We got to bring Graham home today!!!!!! His test all came back negative. He also passed his hearing test which is great.
We got to bring him home at noon today and play with him all afternoon AT OUR HOUSE!!!!!!! Not in an NICU unit with 10 other babies plus nurses, and other mommy and daddys.

I didnt think we were going to get to bring him home due to a wrestling match between me and our carseat. The adjustment straps have these little tabs that help them from slipping through the buckle easily. (you can start laughing if you know what I am talking about.) So here I am in the middle of the NICU fighting this strap, other families, and nurses looking at me like this guy doesn’t have a clue. Finally after about 20 minutes of wrestling with it…(Abbi was able to feed Graham in the time I was fighting this battle) I asked the nurse if she had any tweezers…. or vice grips….. or a sledgehammer….or a ….ANYTHING!! So she got me some some surgical tweezers, you know the ones with the clamp that holds them together, you see them on Greys Anatomy all the time…yeah those and put the thing back together. So here I am in the middle of the NICU doing surgery on …..a carseat. HA!!!

I think that is the slowest I have ever driven in my life. But, the great thing was we get about halfway home and we realize we left his blanket up at the hospitial. So, we had to turn around and head back, before completing our journey home. But, he is home and we are having the time of our life. He is such a blessing and we are so thankful for everything God has done in stiching our little Graham together. Again, thank you for your prayers and your support.

We will have pics soon because his going home outfit is soooooo stinking cute….



Graham was born on August 14th at 6:27pm via a c-section. He is 8.3lbs and 21.25″ long.

We were into the eleventh hour of labor and the doctor had just come in to check on Abbi. About five minutes later our nurse and Dr. Rainwater came back into the room due to Grahams heart rate rapidly dropping. She suggested we get him out before that happened again and it stayed that low. So Abbi and I were quickly escorted to the C-section area and the work began. They had the room calm and relaxing (for an operating room!) with worship music playing (they asked what we wanted to listen to) which was nice for Abbi to take her focus off of everything else that was going on. Shortly after that they had Graham out and were cleaning him up. He had alot of fluid in his lungs that they were pumping out and he was breathing very rapidly. They then wrapped him, let Abbi breifly see him and kiss him, and then gave him to me to carry quickly to nursery.

When we got to the nursery they began to clean out his lungs a little more and did the routine cleanups and checkups. I then left to go check on Abbi and see how things were shaking with her. She was recovering nicely…so back to Graham with the camera in hand. Got there in time to see the first bath and them heating him up and then lit him up with camera snaps and flashes (iphone,my camera, grandparents cameras). They then said they would do the routine stuff…x-ray,warming, etc. etc…and then bring him down to the room for mom (abbi) to see him.

I headed back to Abbi and showed her more pictures and told her that she would soon see him and get to hold him, but that he would have to head back to NICU for the evening. The Nurse then brought Graham in and we go to spend a few minutes with him. But, she then took him back and that breif moment seemed to fly by. The nurse told us that she needed to hook him up to some monitors for the evening and so we would be able to get to see him soon.

Abbi was in and out, loopy on drugs! Grandparents waited around for a good hour and we heard nothing from the nurse. They finally called and said that the doctor needed to see me first w/o visitors to explain to me what was going on. At this point I am just thinking his is going to explain the fluid thing and we are good.

When I got in the NICU they had Graham under heat and a small little plastic “hood” was over his head. The doctor then explained to me that he had a small hole in his lung that had created a nemothorax (? the spelling) or a pocket of nitogen in his lung cavity.
Basically, he explained it like this …our lungs sit in a vacuum chamber to where no outside air comes in to put outside pressure on the lungs, but with his small pinhole in his lung tissue it allowed nitrgen into this “chamber”, therefore, not allowing the lung to fully inflate. So what they do is force 100% oxygen (which is better for us) into the little “hood” and he breates that in, pushing the lung against that poket of nitrogen forcing the lung to absorb it as though it were nitrogen inside the lung and he then breates it out just like he normally would in any other exhale of the lungs. Going back to the room Judi and I cintemplated whether or not to tell Abbi since the drugs were working on her. We decided against it and as I entered the room I had to remain composed, but she was out…I went into the bathroom and had a good cry and heart to heart with God…spending time reading scriptures that Abbi had earlier put on flash cards talking about fear and just the birth of a child. She got a good amoutn of rest while I spent most of the evening tossing and turning.

But everything has now turned for the better. His lung is now fully inflated and the nemothorax has disappeared on the x-rays. His latest x-ray show no sign of any nitrogen which is great news. We know our son has been bathed in prayer from many of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It has been an encouragement to see all the messages and comments on facebook and things like that. Again we thank you for your prayers and your great words, and calls from all of you… Thank you again, God is Great and mighty…his power is beyond our understanding….!!!


So here is some late night goofyness!!! This is a grand tour of Grahams new pad!!! Yeah cool!!!

Grahams Room Tour from Ray Peoples on Vimeo.

After eight months I finally talked Abbi into doing some maternity photos. What is the point in having a photographer husband if he can’t take pictures of you. So here are a few. The shoot was quick because we were hungry but here a few of our favs…